"Sacred as Water, Firm as a Rock"
SUMER was founded to serve in the field ground engineering and water drilling in 1995. As a requirement of developing and growing sector, after the institutionalization process, in 2010 SUMER head office began operations in Istanbul. Gaziantep office continues operations as branch.

SUMER is also interested in international projects, by investing in new machinery and equipment, in 2014 began operations as "SUMER-FAS ENGINEERING COMPANY SARL AU" in MOROCCO.

SUMER made a large number of geological and hydrological surveys and deep-water wells, building, power plants and to the railway and highway routes tunnel, bridge water structures in Turkey. Since 2002 began applications in the field of soil and foundation engineering for deep foundation excavation such as "Stone Columns, Mini Piles, Bored Piles, Jet Grouting and Anchorage shoring works and infrastructure works.

"Automatic injection unit" became operational in 2007 serves professionally in terms of sealing and bearing capacity unfavorable soil improvement, massive ground movements such as a dam, tunnel and building foundations applied high engineering information.

SUMER is one of the leading companies of Turkey with fully owned equipment, successful management, highly educated and experienced staff and has distinguished by closely following developments in geotechnical engineering, and advancing know how.

SUMER continues to grow and prosper enlarging both capacity and know-how by highly skilled technical and management staff.

SUMER feels the excitement of carrying the success of solving all problems of ground and water in reasonable time, most suitable, most confidently by using all methods of engineering science into the future.

SUMER produces professional solutions, required by engineering (quality, time, economy) to all ground problems which are related to the three basic problems of geotechnical:

That's why we say,

Sacred as Water, Firm as a Rock..